What to Expect

Are your services right for me?

Past events can be intruding into our present life and experiences. 

The upsetting past events can impact one’s life, influence negative on our choices, or remerge through life via anxiety, depression, flashback, panic attack, recurring trauma. Trauma also can bring shame-filled secrets we keep, the way we speak to ourselves and others, the career or relationship opportunities which we can sabotage, and the maladaptive behaviour and unhelpful thoughts we are feeding through our negative emotions and thoughts, and physical symptoms we manifest. If you had in the past one of those experiences which building unhelpful ways, you may benefit from the therapy sessions. 

What will happen at my first booked appointment?

The initial psychological consultation is an opportunity to describe what is that has put you in the first place to make the decision to seek psychological support. We will develop a psychological formulation based on the information you provided and discussions of your issues to the specialist and clinical evaluation of your needs and will be indicated the most appropriate approach. 

As with all clinical services, informed consent will be discussed before engaging with any therapy services and your opportunity will be to discuss any questions about your psychological approach to your needs before committing. 

A therapeutic approach, which one?

All the treatments we offered incorporate both contemporary and traditional techniques and approaches to achieve the greatest outcomes, and NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidance are considered alone with other specific and individual factors appropriate therapy and approach.

What if the treatment or service is not right for me?

The service does not require any obligation to engage in our services. The first session is an opportunity to decide whether you would like to work with us. We will make recommendations if your needs may require a different approach or more intensive support within individual therapy. 

How many sessions will l need?

The therapy sessions are once a week and have 50 min duration, although, depending on the need, the frequency of the session may increase. The sessions for some individuals cover a short period of 3-6 psychological consultations for achieving a healthier position in their life. For some people from mid to longer-term therapy is required to meet treatment goals, especially if the problem emerges from the history with problematic patterns. For some people, therapy reveals deeper problems to be named and explored with greater self-awareness. 

Understanding your psychological needs

Mental Health problems can emerge from various factors, including biological factors, earlier experiences, trauma experiences, stressful life events.

The way how we respond to the events, think, feel, and relate to ourselves and others, and self-sabotaging behaviour or addictive behaviour can also be understood as emerging core needs in our earlier or late development. 

It might include genuine connection or being truthful to yourself ‘’authentic’’, to feel accepted for our ‘’true self’’, boundaries, and healthy limits.